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CAPS Strike Hardship Fund

Please read this document carefully before applying for CAPS Strike Hardship Pay. If more information is needed, please contact:

The CAPS Strike Hardship Fund was established to ensure that CAPS members are provided support in order to carry out and promote CAPS authorized Job Actions (Job Actions) which increase our ability to win a Contract that properly Values Scientists! The Strike Hardship Fund will be used to provide financial support (Strike Pay) to members who would not otherwise be able to participate in actions due to financial hardship.


  • Only rank-and-file CAPS members in good standing on the day before the strike starts are eligible to receive Strike Pay.
  • The CAPS Member must be active on State Payroll at the start of the strike.
  • The CAPS Member must provide proof of attendance at a picket for at least one strike shift or other strike duty as assigned by the Strike Captain and as described in the Strike Standards (link).
  • Not all eligible members are guaranteed strike pay; it is granted on a need-basis.


  • The daily rate of strike pay shall not exceed $100 per day of the Job Action, subject to the availability of funds.
  • Strike pay is available after the second day of a strike at your location.
  • CAPS shall provide a check to the member (sent to the member’s home address) to assist in hardships caused by the strike.
  • Application for strike pay must be received within 60 days following the Job Action.

Frequently Asked Questions

All CAPS Members in good standing are eligible for Strike Pay.

No, California law does not permit striking employees to collect unemployment insurance benefits.

In the event that a member receives more than $600 from CAPS during a calendar year, CAPS will issue an IRS form 1099-MISC.

You will not be eligible for any Strike Pay.

Strike Captains are responsible for maintaining sign-in sheets. Check-in with a Strike Captain at the beginning of your strike shift. Members who attend pickets or provide strike support duties but do not sign in with a Strike Captain may not be eligible for strike pay.

CAPS members must have participated in Job Actions to receive Strike Pay.

The Member Benefits Committee (and approved volunteers) will review applications and make a determination whether the CAPS member/applicant will receive Strike Pay. The Member Benefits Committee and volunteers are not eligible for Strike Pay.

Strike funds will be distributed via check within 90 days of a job action.

A CAPS member would be active on state payroll if they were not out on approved disability leave (NDI, ENDI).

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