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Strike Chants

1 2 3 4
No one should be working poor!
5 6 7 8
Sit down and negotiate!

Gavin Newsom, you’re no good!
Treat your workers like you should!

What’s outrageous?
Stagnant wages!
Who’s appalling?
Bosses stalling!

Scientists! United!
Will never be defeated!

Scientists’ wages are under attack!
What do we do?
Stand up, fight back!

Exploitation Ain’t the Way!
Scientists Deserve Fair Pay!

2 4 6 8
Lead with science,
It’s not too late!

Who’s got the power?
We’ve got the power!
What kind of power?
Union power!

Value who?
Value scientists!
Value what?
Value science!

Newsom, Newsom, can’t you see?
We demand pay equity!

No more status quo,
Our contract expired 3 years ago!

We are skilled, we are smart
CalHR don’t break our heart!

Treat us well, treat us fair
Pay us right and show you care!

We are here, we are loud
Gavin Newsom, face the crowd!


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