COP28 Needs to ValueScientists

California State Scientists transform global climate pledges, partnerships, and agreements into meaningful policies and programs. Share the importance of California State Scientists during COP28 by using this toolkit! Check out the sample toolkit language below, (or create your own), change your profile photo, and share on social media! Be sure to use our hashtags and/or tag @capsscientists and @flatgavin!

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Best Practices

  • Follow @capsscientists and @flatgavin and use the hashtag #ValueScientists
  • Include one or more of the recommended hashtags in each post
  • Tag the key parties, listed below in your posts!
  • Include a graphic, photo, or gif (you can use the graphics on this page in your posts!)
  • Personalize your posts!
  • Make a strong ask by sharing your story!

Primary Hashtags to Use

  • #COP28
  • #ValueScientists
  • #CaStateScientists
  • #AvoidCollapse

Key Parties to Tag on Social Media

  • The official COP28 account, @COP28_UAE
  • President Joe Biden, @POTUS
  • UN Climate Change account, @UNFCCC
  • Governor Gavin Newsom, @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom
  • Lauren Sanchez, Senior Climate Advisor to the Governor, @lsanchez020
  • Robert Rivas, Speaker of the CA State Assembly, @RobertRivas_CA
  • Wade Crowfoot, CNRA Secretary, @WadeCrowfoot
  • David Hoschild, Chair of the California Energy Commission, @ChairHochschild
  • Senator Henry Stern, Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Climate Change Politics, @SenHenryStern
  • Christy Bouma, Legislative Secretary, @ChristyBouma

Talking Points

  • Spotlight the inconsistency between Governor Newsom’s words and actions with regard to California being a global climate leader. Climate leadership doesn’t look like withholding a fair contract for state scientists for over three years.
  • Much to our disappointment, #COP28 is unlikely to produce a comprehensive breakthrough that will treat the climate emergency with the seriousness it deserves. For California to rise to the occasion and serve as a model globally for how to address carbon emissions, we need a fair contract for the scientists leading this important work.
  • As the old adage goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” We love evidence-based policy-making! California’s state scientists collect and analyze crucial data in the fight against climate change, then report and recommend policies to legislators and Departments for how to address and mitigate these impacts. Without state scientists, we would have a much poorer understanding of the impacts that climate change is already causing, and what to do about it.
  • California’s state scientists safeguard the environment, which is a big part of why people are proud to reside here. Without state scientists to ensure our air, water, food, plants, animals, and soils are healthy, our way of life and economy would be severely jeopardized.
  • Our demands are not utopian. We just want equal pay for equal work–nothing novel, extreme, or revolutionary.

Graphics to Share

Profile Photos

Sample Social Media Messages to Post

  • #COP28 needs #CaStateScientists to #AvoidCollapse @COP28_UAE @POTUS
  • #CaStateScientists manage & implement critical climate programs that help the State, the nation, and the world #AvoidCollapse. It’s time for @GavinNewsom to #ValueScientists! @COP28_UAE @POTUS #EqualPayCA
  • #CaStateScientists transform the words behind global climate pledges, partnerships, and agreements into meaningful policies and programs. It’s time for @GavinNewsom to #ValueScientists! #EqualPayCA #COP28 @COP28_UAE @POTUS
  • This #COP28 we’re urging @GavinNewsom to demonstrate California’s dedication to addressing global climate change by investing in the #CaStateScientists doing the work behind his critical environmental agenda. #ValueScientists #EqualPayCA @POTUS @COP28_UAE
  • We must right-size #CaStateScientists compensation. @GavinNewsom put your money where your mouth is because scientists ARE LEAVING and the State is SUFFERING. #ValueScientists #COP28 @POTUS @COP28_UAE
  • #CaStateScientists have been without a contract for 3 years because @GavinNewsom refuses to provide Scientists equal pay for equal work. #ValueScientists @POTUS @COP28_UAE
  • #CaStateScientists make 62%-210% less than their managers and 37-50% less than state employees in other bargaining units who perform comparable work. #ValueScientists @GavinNewsom @POTUS @COP28_UAE
  • You can’t value science without valuing scientists. #EqualPayCA NOW! #ValueScientists! @POTUS @COP28_UAE @GavinNewsom
  • It’s imperative that the State of California leads by example and is able to compete for the best scientific talent this WORLD depends on. #ValueScientists  @POTUS @COP28_UAE @GavinNewsom
  • I support @capsscientists because it’s crucial for us to come together to fight for the resources we need so that we can be effective Scientists for the people of California!  @POTUS @COP28_UAE @GavinNewsom
  • We demand a fair contract for State Scientists – PAY EQUITY NOW! #ValueScientists  @POTUS @COP28_UAE @GavinNewsom
  • #CaStateScientists have been out of a contract since 2020. It’s time to #ValueScientists @GavinNewsom @POTUS @COP28_UAE
  • #CaStateScientists implement the @CAGovernor ‘s critical scientific programs. It’s past time for these public servants to get the raise they deserve. #ValueScientists  @POTUS @COP28_UAE @GavinNewsom

For our Partners

Promote our Social Media Storm: Save the Date
  • Save the date for #ValueScientists day on Monday, December 11th! Join the conversation by posting on social media at least once per waking hour from 5:00am – 1:00pm PST and amplifying the voice of other #CaStateScientists as we highlight how critical of a role #CaStateScientists play in tackling the global challenge of climate change.
  • Save the date! Together, let’s highlight how uniquely vital the work #CaStateScientists do is to address major threats to public health and the environment. The time is now to #ValueScientists! On Monday, December 11th, join the social media storm 5:00am – 1:00pm PST to demand global partners do all they can to demonstrate to this administration the need to #ValueScientists.
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