Strike Day 1!

The Defiance for Science CAPS-sanctioned Strike commenced today for all District 3 (Sacramento-area) State Scientists. Excellent work to all who showed up today. Let’s keep it up tomorrow!

There were over 1,000 State Scientists and supporters picketing throughout the day, and over 600 scientists present at every shift, and the message was loud and clear: this Administration needs to #ValueScientists!

As advised earlier today: You are engaging in a union-sanctioned, lawful job action. When your worksite is on strike, you should tell your supervisor, , “I am on strike!” 

The State continues to engage in scare tactics, and will continue to attempt to discourage you from using COLLECTIVE POWER. Our labor reps heard reports of threats from management, even going so far as to say folks had no permission to participate in the strike. To that, CAPS says, of course you don’t have management’s permission to participate – that’s the point! We are permitted by the Dills Act to take back our collective power because we are at impasse. Our actions are meant to communicate to the state: something needs to change! 

Show up for your colleagues, show up for yourself, show up for CAPS! This is OUR collective fight. This is a critical hour…not only for us, as rank-and-file state scientists, but for ALL rank-and-file state employees. Together we are making history, the success of our strike is up to YOU and YOUR colleagues’ active engagement in Defiance for Science! WE’LL SEE YOU ON THE PICKET LINE! 


Here is a continuously updated list of picket locations. Find your Strike Captain here. If you cannot find a Strike Captain at a location near you, reach out to a Contract Action Team (CAT) member. 

New Strike Hub Resources Available!


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